Donation Situation (Update.1)

Posted on: Oct 16, 2020

Yesterday, we lost our fundraising accounts that have statistics and donors’ emails. The only thing that left are the emails for those who donated. We didn’t loose any donations by the way.
Right now, we have created new donation accounts, but they will not be public. We don’t want them to be reported by some of those who hate us similar to the old ones. So far, we don’t know why it happened. Maybe because of them (haters) or because they are public.
So, for anyone who wants to donate to us to support the continuity of the team, please email us at donations@erai-raws.info and mention the site you want to donate to (patreon.com, ko-fi.com, donorbox.org)
Note: for those who know about digital currency donations or donation through mining through the browser or applications.
Some people want to help us, but they can only donate in these ways.
However, we do not understand about cryptocurrency donations very much and want to know more about it. please contact us at contact@erai-raws.info to teach us more about it.
In the end, we thank everyone who support us now and continue to support us over the years, whether morally or financially. Without your support, we would not have stayed until now.
Update (Oct 16, 2020):
Unfortunately, the new patreon account has been closed (again).
We will try to find a good alternative method before the end of the month.
Also, we will add an option to donate via digital currencies soon.
Thanks to everyone who helped us by emailing us about donating cryptocurrencies.